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Interesting, but done many times before.

FLASH REVIEW 01: Dave Meets Jesus

Some of the characters look like Egoraptors "Awesome" series characters. Which is good and bad, as they have nice style but it's been done before. These types of series though have usually high ratings when done right. Make a few more when you have audio and dialog perfected and funny (don't forget funny, not just random thrown in "Boobies" or the old favorite since south park, Jesus) and you'll be at the top of the flash list in no time.

SARG says:

PROS: Good, mildly funny , Really good for a practice animation.

CONS: Not a new concept or groundbreaking, didn't have side splitting moments that make you wanna watch again and again.

The Voice acting was lacking but you said it was practice so I'm over looking that.

REMEMBER: I offer constructive criticism that help further you're animation skills and in the future your rank, not to be mean or hurtful. I myself have laid down not so good things in the past on other websites

SCORE: 7/10

creepyboy responds:

Thanks Sarg, your criticism was very helpful and I would like more people here in NG give more reviews like this, and not only "I like it" or "This Sucks" reviews.

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Rig + WTF?!? + CyriltheWolf Voice = Fuckin' A

WOW! You and CyriltheWolf should make more songs in this style an a normal song style. CyriltheWolf's voice make this song cool and not random, anyone have any idea what kind of band has a lead voice like that in it? I like this style!!!

Good Job!

100000/10 :)

Rig responds:

Thanks for the review! We might do more songs, ya know. :D

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